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Design & Construction The Fair Housing Act requires housing to be accessible to those with disabilities. The requirements apply to most public and private housing, with some exceptions for owner-occupied buildings with four units or less. Otherwise, design and construction requirements apply. 
Disability Rights & Protections Who is considered disabled, how is disability defined, and what are the rights of persons with disabilities regarding housing? How do you know if your rights have been violated? Fair housing means equal access to housing and an equal ability to access and enjoy your house and common living, even if you are disabled. 
Service Animals Allowing tenants and their guests who have disabilities to be accompanied by their service animals is a reasonable accommodation for a person with disabilities as defined by Fair Housing laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Even in apartment and condominium complexes with no pets policies.  
In South Carolina, disability is the second most common basis for fair housing complaints. About one quarter of all complaints involve housing discrimination based on a mental or physical impairment or the failure of a landlord or property manager to make housing accessible, allow reasonable modifications or provide reasonable accommodations in policies or services, such as allowing a guide dog or an assigned parking spot. In many cases, the problem is simply that housing providers do not know what the law requires, and raising awareness of the Fair Housing Act can make a big difference. Explore this section to find out more about the law, find resources to help residents and housing providers alike and help make housing equally accessible to everyone, regardless of disability.
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Fair Housing is not an option. It’s the law.

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Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications It is illegal for landlords to refuse to let tenants make “reasonable modifications” to their house or apartment, if the tenant is willing to pay for the changes. Housing providers must also make reasonable accommodations in policies or services, such as allowing a disabled tenant an assigned parking space even when the complex does not have assigned parking.
Fair Housing SC
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